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If you're selling across multiple marketplaces and e-Commerce platforms, your orders will seamlessly integrate into our IMS system

Stock reservation & allocation

As your customers place their order on your web-interface, our IMS system simultaneously receives the order and allocates the stock for picking.  All orders placed before our same day cut off are processed and dispatched that day.  Our IMS system will direct the picking operatives to the required bin locations to commence the fulfilment process.

Digital Picking

To ensure our commitment to the planet, our digital fulfilment process allows our operation to be completely paperless.  All items within our warehouse are picked using handheld scanners.  The picking operative is directed to the Bin Location allowing not only to keep to our eco-friendly philosophy but ensuring that the incorrect product can never be picked.  If the scan fails, the order is then quarantined for a supervisor to verify.

Once the picking process is complete, the orders are then passed to the packing team to prepare for dispatch.

Flexible storage Solutions

e-Commerce businesses require flexibility to succeed, that’s why our warehouse space enables you to quickly flex and store a wider product range as you grow. Likewise, during leaner times or off-peak, you may need to reduce capacity to bring your costs down. There are no limitations or penalties either way, simply pay for the space you need.

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